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I was trained in the very orderly thinking process required by architecture, but when I went into the fine arts, I discovered another world, one of creative chaos. This depth of experience was where the creative beginnings occurred for all new creations. I have only crossed paths with a few artists that were able to live within that unstable and unorganized existence. Only one of my art professors in college tried to convey to me that art was more than just making pictures or sculptures, it was a state of mind and emotions, a state of being.

Although it was incredible traumatic, my Mother forced me to experience the merging of art and the Christian Spiritual when she made pose naked for her oil painting of the crucifixion, although this wasn’t her motive, i’m sure. I am still discovering revelations about that experience because it did bring together art and the Christian Spiritual truth for me.

We need to be honest about our sinful nature before we can ask for God’s forgiveness and accept Christ as our Savior unto eternal life. This requires the (stripping away) of all of our defenses and layers of disguise that we have installed to hide and protect what we know we really are, which is a sinful person, thinking only about ourselves, a block for relationships. Real art requires the same process to discover our most meaningful purposes and motivations, digging deep into our layers of human existence and identity to find the most worthwhile content for artistic expression.

In both the Christian Spiritual and in real art there is the need to strip away the blocking layers to find “the naked truth.” It is, of course, an immensely powerful experience. It is also seldom understood by those watching this stripping away resulting in the visual expression of nakedness.

I noticed when I began participating in art shows that there were three levels of artists, the dabbler, the professional money types and the real artists. The same is true with Christians, the dabbler in church attendance, the professional money people attending Church to look honest for the business world and the real Christians.

The “in depth” Christian experience brings together all the aspects of life, which includes art. It is art that enriches the written word of the Bible. One person sent me a comment saying that I was zealous. In an extremely shallow world and Church there needs to be some extreme zealous people about the Christian “in depth” experience.

I can’t go along with the Catholic spiritual organizational structure, but do thoroughly enjoy the aspect of art within the Churches. They show Christ on the cross to remind everyone what Christ did; so the services don’t end up being fashion shows like in the Protestant Churches. I know it sounds zealous, but I do think portraying Christ naked on the cross, which is truth, would make Church people more reverent.

My Mother forced art and Christian Spirituality upon me in my teenage years and i’m just now beginning to see the benefit. A lot of people are searching for a “depth” understanding of life and how will they find it if the Churches are only offering up a shallow expression of Christianity similar to the schools watering down the content so students can pass onto the next grade. Visual artistic expression has enriched my Christian life and I am sure it would do the same for others. Yes, my visual expression is extreme and maybe zealous, but i’m experiencing and “in depth” relationship with God. The abusive behavior of my Mother and other people was deplorable and sadistic, but “all things work together for good for those that love God and seek his guidance. I have felt that all the artwork that was created on this web-site was inspired and created by God, which also includes my actions and personal visuals. Amen.


People are attending a Christian Church, for heavens sake, not a grocery store or a football stadium. Christian symbols should be there, when is the Church going to begin displaying the truth? Are we as Christians going to let non-Christians say that the naked Christ is distasteful?


(the picture of Christ is from the internet, I have no idea who created it)

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