MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2013 ——

As I sat at my art booths, many years ago, with nothing to do during slow periods, I would wonder like most people “what life was about.” One day it all came together, the Bible verses and what I was witnessing before my very eyes.

  • The Bible says that “we are Gods, children of the most high,” which is why people have so much potential for good and evil. We were made in the image of the Ultimate Creator God; so we are also creators.
  • All creators work with creativity. We are to learn about creativity, which is about combining, which is about relationships.
  • It is up to us how we work with our creativity. As I sat at my art booth I good easily see what life was about. There were the artist/creators in front of me and around me and the artwork/creations hanging on the walls. Sometimes the artists would demonstrate their creative processes, and there you have what life is all about, “creators – processes – creations.” The creative process is all around us as obvious as the nose on our face and as easily “overlooked” as our noses.

“Life is about” being Gods, learning the creative process, and choosing what to do with our creative potential. We can learn about our creative potential through a reltionship with our Creator. God has a plan for each of our lives if we seek a relationship with him.

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