MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2013 ——


(When the daily complexities of life are calm, the clouds rise simply upward,

it is the same with our search for truth that gets frequently blurred,

by winds and forces that would distract us from the Holy Word,

the path to God is as simple as the clouds moving simply upward.)



The Bible states that a child can understand the path to God, because it is simply seen all around us. The family of Father, son and Holy Spirit reflects the trinity of parents, children and inner spirit. Our soul is stimulated by the Holy Spirit within us to seek the Father through the son, Jesus Christ. A child can see and understand that every creation has a creator, when he or she watches a parent as “creator” create a meal through a “process” that results in a “creation” of breakfast, lunch or supper. A child can understand that our blood cleanses our bodies just as Christ died on the cross to cleanse the world of sins; so we can be in relationship with God, the Father and Creator of life and the Universe for eternity.

It doesn’t take a large vocabulary and convoluted thoughts to understand or find God. It is as simple as watching the clouds simply rising upwards.

What makes all this complicated is evil, the force that wants to distract you in many ways from finding God, through the winds of worldly distractions of money, power, status, greed, fear, ego and many times through things and situations we have no control over like illnesses of many types, but we have a choice whether or not to constantly seek God and his guidance. As in my case through childhood sexual and emotional abuse and the many years of reactions to that abuse I still sought God and he saw me through it all, which i’ve written about on this website “extensively.”

Keep in your mind on the cloud simply rising upwards into the clear blue sky and focus on your desire to be with God, the Father, the son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. (I look to the mountains from whence cometh my strength,) and in this case a cloud simply rising upward above the mountain.

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