MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2013 ——

As with physical injuries that heal from the inside outward; so do emotional injuries heal from the inner soul outward. I experienced incredible stress in my early life, which caused arthritic pains in all my joints, migraine headaches, lower back spasms and anxiety, all at the same time. The only choice was a major life change and help, but the only help available was from God, which was the best.

My career in architecture was over before it really got started and I went into the fine arts where the pressure was less and it was all about self-expression, which was one aspect to recovery.

I began reading the Bible from beginning to end a few times as I sought God’s help.

I began a search for a more comprehensive understanding of life, which ultimately resulted in “The Complete Concept of Creativity.”

All of the above helped me heal from the soul stressors caused by sexual and emotional child abuse and all the stresses piled on top. It was a healing from the inside outward from the soul, to emotions, to intellect to physical.

Each aspect was important in the healing from the inside outward, a new direction in life, reading the Bible with God’s insights along the way and the constant expression through my artwork of the emotional turmoil I had experienced through the mediums of watercolors, drawing, mixed media, jewelry and woodworking.

The Complete Concept of Creativity as written about on this website began with an obvious observation, that everything goes through the process of (creator – process – creation,) which is explained in more detail in the pages at the top menu  under (The Creator.)

I have seen many illnesses cured by this process of healing from the inside outward, beginning within the soul with Gods help and guidance. It seems that only God can work with and heal the spiritual soul, because God is Spirit.

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