MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2013 ——-

In this life there are two realities, spiritual and physical. The physical is in constant change, like the old adobe Church that is in continual disintegration, and needs repair from the forces of gravity, wind and rain erosion. We have the physical forces acting upon us too causing aging in all the aspects of life except the spiritual, which is always the same. The spiritual is the constant renewal reality. As I look at the picture and see the earth, fence posts, trees and the Church building, I see the aging process, but then there is what the Church gives us access to, the spiritual renewal force of God and the Holy Spirit. God gave us the physical structure of the Church so we could be reminded of him and his life giving and renewal creative energy force. The human organized Church has physically stimulated problems, but look past those to the spiritual eternal life that God offers us everyday and through Christ to eternity.


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