MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2013 ——-

I tried to do everything “right side up” for most of my life, but it didn’t get me what “I wanted.” Then I matured into a relationship with God, which is seeking his will for my life, which also is the best for me, to bad gaining that insight took so long. One of the “perks” of a relationship with God is that all of my best efforts over the years were not lost, everything I did was beneficial in some way. As the Bible said, “everything turns out for good for those that love God.”

Worldly people don’t think Christians do anything “right side up.” It doesn’t make sense from the money, power perspective of life, but the worldly schools still teach honesty, goodness and fairness, but then “re-educate” their children about the “real world” once out of school, meaning money and power. It’s always amused me that worldly people want basically Christian principles taught in the schools; so that their children can get an education within a civil environment, love, respect, kindness and acceptance of other’s differences, etc.

Being a real creative artist in this world “for most artists” is a thankless endeavor. Very few people respect you, if you don’t make a lot of money doing it,” but it can be one of the most self rewarding efforts, creative self expression, comes from the core of our “being made in the image of God.” My first years of creating artwork were the best, and then I started selling my work, which meant doing a large number of paintings quickly for the next art show, month after month. I was now a professional artist, but no longer felt the unique enjoyment of pure creating for art sake. I was in the “real world” now. What would have been best was a “relationship with God “at a mature level,” but it simply doesn’t happen that way very often, young and a mature relationship with God. Like I said earlier though, when your relationship does mature with God, all your past efforts over the years turn out for the best, or “right side up.” I know these words don’t seem to help while you’re in the midst of unhappiness. What God offers is help “one day at a time,” asking to be filled with his spirit of love, creativity, renewal, healing, energy and strength.


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