Once the spiritual has created the physical, it is difficult to see or even imagine the spiritual. I was at the mall cafeteria yesterday and Maria saw me and walked over to me with her woman lover. While approaching me it was difficult to see the sensuous spiritual that had created her because the physical was so stunning. Her long straight black hair, dark brown eyes and golden brown skin was so beautiful. She wore an extremely tight fitting short white top, showing her abdomen and also tight blue jeans. Her figure was perfect in proportion, she didn’t wear make-up because there was no need to. She stared at me on the way over and then smiled as she passed by, obviously she felt uncomfortable about stopping to talk with her lover with her. It reminded me though of her bedroom with the cross above the bed and the turquoise colored room. I saw them once together on the bed, but many times when I was visiting the mentally disabled young man would burst into the bedroom and pull Maria over to the bed for sex. She was so patient with his desperate manner. He would only make urgent sounds. He always wanted her to kneel by the corner of the bed and would penetrate her from the rear. It was always quick and then he would leave the room. She would glance at me as if a partial apology as she pulled her panties back up and then we would continue our conversation. She would look at the cross above her bed as if praying for more strength and patience in her imperfect complex life. Her art studio was in her bedroom because of the good lighting coming in the windows. During my visits I could see the her spiritual love being translated into physical acts of love for the young disabled man. Her artwork was also a transition between the spiritual and physical, in process.


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