Monastery meaning a religious community, not specific to any one denomination.

He didn’t speak very often, but when he did it was done quietly. When I showed interest in his artwork of the crucifixion he opened up and took me and my wife into the private gallery of paintings of the crucifixion. I told him of what I’d seen a few miles away from the monastery, the men making large wooden crosses on the ground on the edge of the bosque. He said, “yes, he knew those men, they were crosses for re-enactments.” He said most people are repelled, even Christians, by the crucifixion, but it was at the core of Christianity. He went on to talk about the religious chants he voiced while working in the fields or while painting his pictures, about the crucifixion. He talked about the reality of Christianity, the in-depth involvement, “how it was meant to affect all the aspects of life, from the spiritual Trinity meaning to the intellectual concepts of sacrifice, humiliation and embarrassment to the emotional passion required to the social interactions to the physical strain to the sexual experience of nakedness. Christians should experience the intensity of the life-style.” I told him about how the men making the crosses invited me to lie down on one cross that was completed. I conveyed to him about my past history with crosses and my Mothers artwork of the crucifixion requiring me to pose naked as a teenager; so I agreed to lie down on the cross, but the men objected, saying I must be naked. The man shook his head in agreement. “Yes, finally, we can do the re-enactments in an historically correct manner. He said he took part every year in a ritual outside the monastery, and was naked on the cross.” Then he asked if I had agreed to the men’s requirements, and I hesitated because it was an obsession I couldn’t resist. “Yes,” I said, “My wife was along and knew I needed to do it; so supported me by saying, “you know you need to,” but as soon as she said that the men came over to me and as a couple held me tight while the others removed all my clothes, even my underwear and held me suspended in air and laid me on the cross, then tied my wrists and ankles with ropes to the wooden beams. There was a rounded short sedile post, which went between my legs; so when the cross was erected and placed in the hole, I sat on it supporting my weight, a short plug on the sedile went into my anus to hold me in place. When I was finally crucified naked, the support people came out of the shaded woods, men and women and looked at me and I felt the incredible humiliation and embarrassment. The man listened intently to my story and said, “is that all they did?” I was confused and he said, “we try to be more accurate when en-acting the ritual. There is shaving, whipping and sometimes castration and raping.” When he said that, I couldn’t help thinking about the possible male with male relationships between some men in a monastery, especially when there had been proven sexual abuse within the Churches between priests and children. The adult encounters would not need to be mentioned legally. Any way, as I was thinking about the reality of the monastery life of a group of males, he was inviting me to be part of a practice re-enactment, but warned me there would be more of a reality than I had experienced with the men making the crosses. There would be initial starvation to make me skinny, shaving, whipping and a possible raping. At that point he opened his robe to reveal to me and my wife his slender shaven smooth body that had been castrated, his testicles were missing. “He said a few men had been totally castrated, penis and testicles removed.” I thought after hearing all this, “no wonder people, even Christians are repelled by a lot of the Christian realities.” People, like so many other things in life have no idea how to deal with Christianity; so they “just avoid it or ignore it or accept an extremely watered down version;” so they can attend church in their fine clothes and hats, park their expensive cars outside the front door and simply make Church a “social club,” but my artist Mother, by asking me to pose naked in a crucified position sent me into an in-depth Christian experience, which stimulated this web site and an in depth discussion of crucifixion and creative spiritual reality. At least, God gave me the creative aspect of Christianity, which I have tried to share with other people, but it is contaminated with my own personal experiences. For those people truly interested in Christianity, the good and the contaminated can be separated. As said many times, life is complex and no one escapes it without problems and those problems were meant to point you back to your loving Creator for enrichment, fulfillment and final completion. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Most people have other obsessions, materialism, money, fame, status, alcohol, drugs, sex, emotional thrills, intellectual pursuits that they put before God. The Church criticizes all sins except putting money first, which they can’t do because it is what pays the extensive fanatical expenses. Christ chased the money changers and business people out of the Church. Today business people attend Church for networking, making contacts for their business, while appearing honest. Business people expand and attend the largest churches because of the greater number of possible contacts.

The Christian monastery artist was a true experience, which is what the arts and artists were meant to be.


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