FLOW ——–


Most people think they are in charge of the flow in their life, but it is one of the great unknowns. After reflecting on my own and the lives of the people around me, I would tend to think the spiritual forces are in charge of the flow. It seems we don’t even choose which flow we are within, we are just placed within one of a billion or more types and then take a ride. We may have a paddle and have a minor effect on our direction or speed, but it’s minimal. We don’t know from moment to moment what may be coming towards us within the flow. Christians put their faith in God, their Creator, to guide them, but everything in Creation is about the purposes of God; so no one knows what’s coming except for what has been prophesied. We do seem to have the opportunity to gain a gestalt view of life through a relationship with God, but it probably won’t affect God’s purposes.


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