Shifting views seem to be related to more acceptance of humanness, truth and understanding. Because sin entered into the world through the metaphor of Adam and Eve, life is more complex. Homosexuality is caused by many factors and cannot be cured by rules or laws. The Bible actually teaches everyone should strive for a personal relationship with God, as most important, and love is the greatest motive. Being in the arts all my life I have seen how complex people’s lives can be, because of abuse from their families during childhood. My wife worked with children and families with disabilities her entire working career as a nurse and dealt with all the aspects of life that were affected. I have witnessed the Churches rigidity about so many topics and watched many Churches cease to exist because of their narrow mindedness. Homosexuality exists, emotional and metal problems exists and problems are not solved by the Church asking people with problems to leave the Church. We are all watching as homosexuality is being accepted by the courts, a greater understanding of people with disabilities, and truth about Christianity. I am beginning to write stories, based on my own experiences, about homosexuality, disabilities and Churches being more loving and intelligent. A few Churches are beginning nude art classes to accentuate the acceptance of humanness and seeing accurately along with bringing the arts into the Church, accepting the fact that Christ was naked on the Cross and allowing images and sculptures of the naked Christ. Helping people with disabilities with their sexuality, masturbation and other options, is being quietly accepted instead of being a legal issue. Basically, accepting and helping people with their unique individuality instead of trying to rigidly make everyone the same is a “shifting view.”


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