INSIDE ————–


Inside the puzzle of life can be daunting. We naturally look for the pieces of light because they are more easily seen, but Creation is complete, which means we must find and put together the darker pieces also. As I roam within the millions of web sites on the internet I find few trying to piece together all the aspects of life, the dark and the light. Artcrossnewmexico is one of the few attempting to reconcile these through creativity, the combining of all the facets of life. This is only possible with the guidance of God’s creative process.
Most people shun the darker pieces, which results in a boring and unrealistic picture of life, some delve only into the dark, which is also boring and depressing. The most enriching, fulfilling and complete picture of life is found only by combining all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the emotional to the intellectual to the social to the physical to the sexual, creating unique individuality. The puzzle of life changes daily, which is what makes life a challenge and creates interest. Sometimes it is mostly dark, sometimes light and airy, but mostly a combination of both.


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