When I only painted landscapes and a few distant Churches, people walked through my art booth, glanced casually at me and my artwork and would say, “oh, I like the blue skies,” but as I delved into my deep inner feelings and expressed what I found, their expressions changed. I saw them staring at me through the sculpture and artwork, which gave me something else to express. Lisa was one of the first I noticed peering at me from around a booth corner. Later I walked past her booth and saw violently colorful expressionistic paintings; so now I looked at her more closely, was she crazy? To my delight, she was! It was exciting when two artist’s personalities dovetailed with one another. We were both involved with the spiritual aspect of life except she was hostile towards it. She was raised in a strict Catholic family and spent her childhood rebelling against the rituals, statues and inhibitions. We had both been abused by our families; so we connected on that level. My spiritual experiences saved me from reacting destructively from the abuse, her spiritual experiences were part of the abuse. As I glorified the old adobe mission Churches of New Mexico in my paintings, she painted them darkly, but she was very sexy and it was hard to criticize her in any way. As I’ve written before, she would wear a silver and turquoise snake around her upper right arm to every art show along with a skimpy top, shorts and was always barefoot. She was a beautiful blond, blue eyed, slender and about five foot ten in height. It felt as if she simple dug into me, attacking anything spiritually positive. When she discovered the knowledge about my artist Mother asking me to pose naked in a crucified position, she felt she had something to grab onto and began to probe. She was one of the first to suggest I make paintings about my reactions to the crucifixion, which focused my attention on it all the more. She would stare at me watching my reactions as she told me about her experiences in northern New Mexico and the penitents who lived around her. She watched from the edge of woods as the naked men whipped themselves and then were crucified. Her Father would have sex with her after naked spankings while a cross swung back and forth on a chain around his neck. Any way, she would stare at me and then say, “oh, I like that blue green.”


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