A middle of the week trip to Chimayo with a group of artists was as usual a lot of laughs, but not much in productivity. Most artists were taking pictures to work from later in their studios, but it was still a lingering tradition to go and paint at the scene, plus it was just fun. It was a reason to get together under the pretense of art and take long rides where everything and everyone was a topic for discussion. The few artists who actually sat in a chair under a tree or umbrella and painted a picture put their artwork on the adobe bench next to the courtyard wall. The paintings weren’t that great, but under the circumstances of the bright sun, flying and crawling bugs and the occasional wind, they were appreciated. Only a few tourists came by and looked at the artwork and then at the artists and decided to pass on the purchase. There was always the undertones of attraction between some of the artists, lesbianism wasn’t accepted yet, but we all knew who was into who, since most of the group were women, which was obvious when some women sketched each other instead of the Church. And for laughs or for other reasons they would draw each other without clothes, but they couldn’t lean those drawings on the bench next to the courtyard wall when finished. Chimayo wasn’t a tourist trap at that time with curio and fast food outlets around the Church; so we went to the Spanish Food restaurant a couple miles away in town, I forget the name of it, but it was good. After the meal we were all mellow and simply walked around Chimayo in little groups going different directions. An hour or so later we all came back to our cars and had other stories to discus on the way home to Albuquerque.


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