Attached to the little adobe mission Churches are one room spaces for the live-in or visiting priest. There is a bed, an eating table, a small closet for the service robes, a cross on the wall, a window, a wood stove and a prayer table. Usually the only door leads into the Church, but sometimes there is an exterior door also. The one we walked through had a calendar on the wall with images depicting conception, abstract non-objective paintings that reminded me of the water vapor images from the weather satellite, the high and low pressure systems interacting with one another as they moved over the surface of the earth. They were the conception forces of the storms, hurricanes and lesser storms, but also included fair weather. The conceptions are more important than the births since they are the beginnings. We should probably be celebrating our conceptions, although the dates would be hard to pinpoint. The picture for September was more realistic showing almost graphically a naked male and female intertwined in a circle, arms, legs and long penis wrapping around and penetrating. I once figured it out that I was conceived in September on or around my parents wedding anniversary. I turned away from the calendar on the wall and saw my wife reclining on the white sheeted bed. It was the ultimate place for spiritual and physical union.


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