The world respects the tough souls the most it seems, but after over sixty years of life, I think I value the wisps of souls the most, since, I guess, I’m one of them, I understand them. The artists with their sensitivity walking the edge between life’s extremes. I’ve spent my life around visual artists, abused people and the otherwise rejected souls. I’ve not written detailed stories about them yet because most people would think, “how pathetic,” but they see the spiritual and physical worlds more clearly than most. They feel the aspects of life deeply and frequently succumb to those depths. They make the best lovers because they have empathy. They know how to sooth and stimulate the sensuous soul and body. A touch on the flesh brings spiritual and physical pleasure to others and to themselves. My Mother wanted me to touch myself and she wanted to watch. She kept me skinny by not allowing me to eat; so she could see the sensuous bones of my body when she asked me to pose naked for her when a teenager. She didn’t want me to become the typical male, like her harassing and irritating brothers; so she tried to make me effeminate by making me wear girls clothes and make-up as a child, teaching me about art and threatening me with whipping and crucifixion if I rebelled, she did whip me and made me pose crucified naked. It affected my soul and I became an artist and associated with many other artists, mainly women, and abused people. As I said, the world rejects anyone not strong, but the people of the world wouldn’t have the arts to treasure without the wispy souls.


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