I arrived at my artist friend’s studio/home as she was being visited by potential buyers. She was quiet and attentive, watching the couple’s every move and expression. She had her paintings and metal sculptures arranged aesthetically within the room. They had come from back east; so didn’t want to leave without something, but they wanted it to be special, a story maybe to go along with a painting. They liked the bright colors New Mexico artists painted with, the sky blues and red and orange adobe hues. The couple obviously wanted something contemporary, but conservative to hang on their wall, but wanted to also see, not buy, something on the edge. My friend subtly nodded at her friend, who went into the adjoining room, removed her clothes and reclined on the bed with the sun from the nearby window illuminating her curves. My friend then asked if they were interested in a nude painting she had just finished, inviting the couple into the next room. The young couple walked into the doorway and glanced at the painting, but we’re more interested in the nude female model. They now had a story as my friend went over, bent down and kissed the model on the lips. The tourists bought one of the paintings of the house and courtyard behind the Church. They left satisfied with a painting. As the tourists left my friend took off her artist’s smock, which left her naked, and reclined with her female friend on the bed. I sat in the chair next to me as we discussed what artists needed to do to sell their artwork, when their studio was a hundred miles from nowhere. My artist friend had a third room where she sold crucifixion paintings for the religious minded visitors. The church next door had a few of her paintings on the interior nave walls. I walked into the dimly lit room and saw both versions of crucifixion, naked and with loin cloth. My friend said, “for the real edgy buyers I have crucified women, which is very popular on the Internet.” There is such a different feeling between the crucified male and female. I haven’t figured it out yet. Any way, then we all relaxed after recovering from the buyer in the room mentality.


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