MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2014 ———-

Before it was modernized this was the first Church I painted with water colors, from the rounded rear. It was accepted in the state fair artshow and also sold, but it wouldn’t sell now with a plastic bright blue porta-potty, bars on the windows and wood shingles on the front. Trees have grown up in the rear since I painted the old irregular church. The Churches have locked doors now; so random worshipers can’t go in and pray. To much money is the problem. I cut out the landscaping, chain link fence and other modern day amenities. It is the same with the campgrounds, too much money changed natural settings into walkways, fences and many signs. Yes, there are some advantages to the modern additions, but beauty of adobe buildings, shadow patterns and natural landscaping of grasses, cactus and pinon trees have value also. You know you’re getting old when things change and you wish they hadn’t.


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