MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2014 ———-

I probably stopped at this Church once a year, and probably drove past a few more times per year, since 1950. It was similar to a spiritual lighthouse on a journey. For many of the first years I was with my parents on their outings to Santa Fe and beyond, but in my early twenties I was with young women, blasting to Santa Fe, in my maroon mustang. I met this one older woman, about two years older, at the evening Church training Union class. The subject was sex that night and we all found it stimulating. I asked her on a date to Santa Fe and one Saturday we covered the sixty miles in forty five minutes, which included slowing down at the little villages along the way. I could feel her attitude towards me, she was older and more experienced. We of course stopped at the Golden Church, because I always did. It was the first time I was aware of sexual feelings while in this humble Church. I followed her walk to the altar, watching her sensuous figure move. Then she leaned against the end of the front pew and said she wanted “to do it” right there. That moment was when I felt and discovered right and wrong. She was pretty sensitive and recognized my displeasure with her suggestion. I may have been younger, but I just found some values. I could not defile this beautiful old Church. I could have been persuaded elsewhere, but this destroyed our relationship. We still continued and had lunch and walked around Santa Fe, but I didn’t even want to touch her. We drove back to Albuquerque on the freeway even faster than before.

I had a traditional Baptist attitude about many things until God revealed “the complete concept of creativity” to me in my mid-thirties. At that time God revealed to me the unity of all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the physical and sexual. It completely amazed me that my attitudes could be changed so drastically by the perspective God gave me about his creative life. I have never done this, but I can conceive of having sex now in the aisle of the Church, in front of God, because I would “be with” God. The sin stigma is gone when you are sincerely in relationship with God. I’ve written a few posts about people being naked in the Church because of the sincere and honest revealing of self before God. It will probably remain only an unusual extreme combining, but as I’ve written before, a relationship with God puts you above the back and forth or merry-go-round of good and evil. You have a unified view or gestalt view of life, as you walk with God. The perspective changes from being separate from God and being with God.


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