MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2014 ———-

This is the first stop light coming into Albuquerque from the Tijeras Canyon, the highway built on the division of the Sandia Mountains and the Manzano Mountains. Your first view includes power lines, fast food and motels and cowboy hats. It all pretty much blocks the beautiful blue sky, a few clouds and the Rio Grande Valley. These cowboy hat types drive slow because they are accustomed to ranch roads and little if any traffic. They don’t talk much either, if they do it’s slow as if they are thinking about each word, probably because they don’t usually talk with too many people, just mainly cows and other animals. If you get behind them in stores, yes, they walk slow. This stop light is a harsh reality from the high speed interstate highway to zero miles an hour. Your ears may pop at this point from coming down through the mountains to lower six thousand foot altitude. Welcome to Albuquerque, New Mexico, a state of incredible beauty and people like any place else in the world, with some different cultures, traditions and beliefs, including mine.


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