Has it ever occurred to you how much of the true gospel being preached in Churches is being left out, ignored or intentionally mis-interpreted because preachers and their staff are protecting their jobs? Millions of Christians may be going to hell because of preachers more interested in maintaining their status, power and physical possessions. I have had a few vivid images given to me by God, which shows the Devil lounging within the Churches because he knows all the souls around him are his. The only truth being spoken is by ministers within the arroyos and desert roads of the world, like Paul and his disciples preaching as they traveled, forsaking worldly possessions and riches. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” is basic and primary to CHRISTIAN teaching, before family, before home and country, before material possessions. And then on top of that omission, preachers are not talking about God’s creativity and that we are made in the image of God, which means there should be a lot of discussion about creativity, but preachers are afraid of creative thought amongst the membership, because it causes “constant change.” I am a minister of creativity, ordained by God himself, to talk about all these things. “A voice in the wilderness,” is artcrossnewmexico. Paul and all his disciples had their personal problems, as I do, but they tried to preach the “word of God” anyway.


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