UNIFY ———-


She walked everyday naked from her little house to the old abandoned church. There was no one to judge her in the almost ghost town. She was reacting to being sexually and emotionally abused has a child, but here the few residents left, didn’t care what she did. An occasional tourist would stop and see her standing by the locked door and give her money, usually only a few dollars, but once an elderly man who had come by this Church for over fifty years, gave her a check for ten thousand dollars. He said, “fix up the church so you can go inside.” She and her cousin did. He hired some help and within a year they unlocked the door. The cousin told the girl, now you can buy some clothes, but she said, “God blessed me and the Church while I was naked; so I will stay naked. The spiritual is within the physical, as with this Church and my body, and they combine through sexual penetration. It is understood through emotions and intellect and revealed socially. It is my mission to reveal the vivid unity of these aspects of life by being naked. Christ revealed all the same aspects of life on the cross, naked. He unified life, spiritual and physical while being sexually naked, socially. Everyone can understand this emotionally and intellectually. She said, “the Bible says to pick up your cross daily with Christ, I will do it naked.”


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