We control the light. How much light do we need? The brilliant light from God tries to burst into our lives as at the front door of the Church, but we determine the level of light. This works out pretty well until we also control the amount of “inner light” we let in. The bright light of God is also complete truth, which we also try to control. How much truth can we stand in our lives? God has given us time to prepare for complete brilliant light and truth, are we ready, individually and collectively? The ultimate creative truth is sexual in nature, it is about the Holy Spirit penetrating our heart, mind and soul, are we ready? God’s spirit penetrated physical matter creating the “Big Bang” of the Universe. His Spirit penetrated Mary giving birth to Jesus Christ the Son of God, his Spirit is ready to penetrate each of us with his light, love and truth, are we ready? We have the freedom of choice whether to open the doors of our heart, mind and soul to God’s light to deliver us into eternal life with him. Are you ready to open the door to his light?


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