Most meaningful ODYSSEYS are taken alone. Mine began with a search for God because of my abusive family and led to a general study of art, architecture and many other bodies of knowledge. The Complete Concept of Creativity was my guide given to me by God and I realized it was about bringing together all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the emotional to the intellectual to the social to the physical and sexual. The actual journey combined the spiritual with sexual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical. My Odyssey now is to write about the process. The sexual was the most concrete place to begin, the relationships with women led to the awareness of penetration and receptivity as the universal creative force in the Universe and life. This led to the emotional and intellectual penetration of knowledge and feelings, which led to the social interactions with artists and art associations and finally to the awareness of the penetrations of God within each of us. The spiritual and sexual are the unified creative force.

The Baptist Church delayed the beginning of my Odyssey because it was so full of fears and inhibitions. One young woman Sandra showed not only me, but the other members of our age group to strike out away from the Baptist’s control and search and discover life. She was our rebel, not that she did everything in a beneficial way, but she thought independently.

To be cont.


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