ODYSSEY – part 5

ODYSSEY – part 5 ———–


We can pretend everything is fine in the world and continue taking pretty pictures, head in the sand behavior, or start reflecting reality. Everyone is going to be affected by the coming changes in technology, government and business; so it is time to start talking about how to deal with it all. Of course, I think turning to God is the basic answer for every individual, but we still need to write about and support our individual situations instead of turning away from other people’s problems, (because they will soon be your problems.)

The armies of the world realize that great evil is penetrating humanity and are heading to the eventual Armageddon battle in the Middle East.

Business and government are planning total control over everyone’s life through technology, the computer chip under your skin.

Whether you want to believe it or not, an anti-Christ is emerging in the world and no one will be taking pretty pictures anymore.

The first response to all this is by starting to withdraw from anything unpleasant, self preservation, but everyone’s salvation is by doing just the opposite, caring, but you can’t care or love in this situation through your own strength, which is where God comes in. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t care about other people. I’ve tried to point the way to God and his help, but most people will allow themselves to get into desperate situations before turning to God.

It has been my search, my journey or my Odyssey to discover what life was all about. These Odyssey posts are a record of the long process, but they resulted in the discovery of the reality of God. To bad hardly anyone will read this, but that’s human reality.


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