NEW LIFE ————-


I hadn’t painted at an easel and canvas with other artists since my art classes at the university, but I was with Maria and her woman friend in her adobe home studio. Maria was painting a picture of the “new life” offered to everyone , expressed in the pale green around Christ. She wanted to show all the aspects of life being combined from the spiritual to the sexual; so asked me to take my clothes off; so she could paint an accurate indication of a penis and testicles. It reminded me of my artist Mother asking me to pose naked while painting the crucifixion as a teenager. She introduced me to being a naked model for art, which now I feel is part of the artist’s life and responsibility, for other artists and for my own artwork. It is the part of the art world that bothers the rest of society. I guess my artist Mother wanted to introduce me to that aspect early in life. In one of my art classes at the university level students posed naked for each other upon request. Maria showed the bright white light of Christ and how he stimulated “new life” through the sacrifice of his own. Creativity is an essential aspect of this universe and life, which is expressed through the penetration of the spiritual into the physical and represented in this life by the male penis and testicles and the receptivity of the woman. Life was meant to stimulate more life through arousal and sexual penetration, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically and sexually. Christ was the example of that “new life” leading to eternity.


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