Silvia took me on a hike to her geodesic structure. It combined the perfection of the spiritual with science, art and the physical. Even at a distance I could see the reflection off the glass and steel creation. She seemed more excited than usual about showing me her latest achievement. As we came closer, I realized it was large enough to go inside. When we stood next to it, I roughly measured it at about thirty feet high. Then she blindfolded me. She wanted me to experience it from the center for the first time. A few clumsy steps and I was inside with a perfect temperature and my favorite Gregorian Chant filling the space as did a strange but intoxicating fragrance. I heard a few mysterious sounds, then she removed all my clothes, underwear, shoes and socks included, and then Silvia said, “remove the blindfold.” I was filled with light as I viewed the mountain peak through the hexagonal glass window. Hanging in the middle was a large glass and steel cross and underneath was Silvia naked in a praying position on her knees, also looking out at the cross and view. My penis became hard and erect as she said, “penetrate me with spiritual love.” Sensuous slender women artists had always aroused me sexually, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually; so I was ready to partake of her beauty. As I penetrated deeply into her, angelic music became louder. It was the ultimate joining of spiritual and physical. I realized also at that moment, it had been our relationship and all the conversations over the years which made this so special, our intimate creative spirits now connecting fully.


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