After hiking with many different women on a few hundred hikes over forty years, I’ve categorized them into “mainly” three types, mild friendship, lovers and antagonistic. Also this image presents three types of sexual locations, the wide open arroyo, the hidden in the dark bushes and trees and the on top of the world sandstone peak.

The most exciting relationships were with the antagonistic women. The women who were also artists, competitive and possibly literally dangerous, emotionally unstable. They would have little restraint about having sex in the open arroyo, being rebelous by nature. They were a little violent in there lovemaking. In the darkness of the trees, they wanted to use the tree trunks and high branches for tying me up. They really enjoyed being naked on the peaks as if defying even God with their sexual actions and nakedness.

The casual friend hikes were less dramatic, but more stimulating. “If” sexuality entered the conversation there would be embarrassment and tentative behavior, the slow removal of clothes. The open view arroyo would be an exhibitionistic experience for both of us, but as long as the sexual heat and tension was intense, it didn’t matter. In the tree shadows offered the best place for friends to discover each other sexually. The sandstone peak would be a release of tension sex and relaxation after climbing that thing.

Hiking with a lover and having sex in the arroyo was more about discovering something about ourselves and relationship. Why did we want to “do it” in an open space? Introspection was the key. In the trees, sex was purely enjoyable, just being with each other, enjoying each other’s company. The “peak” sexual experience was spiritual with a lover, being together closer to God.

This was, of course, “simplified” for brevity. I just saw this picture and thought about the three main locations, (open, hidden, peak) I had experienced and the three different types of hiking companions. The variety was actually more “complex” in all situations.


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