CAVE ———–


We had practiced for a year on smaller cliffs, but now we would attempt to repel down to a cave. We tied the ropes at the top around tree trunks and a large rock. We covered the surface of the rope that went over the edge with leather to withstand the sharpness of the stone as it moved back and forth as we went downward. Alandrax had strengthened her arms with rope climbing on the rocks near her home and hopefully they were strong enough. We threw the hundred foot ropes over the edge and looked over to make sure they reached the cave. There were only a few feet extra. Repelling down is relatively easy as long as you don’t get into a hurry and your feet don’t slip on the vertical surface. I went down first so I could hold the rope steady and watch Alandrax’s descent. Faith in the rope is primary, making sure there weren’t tears in it, also faith in God that he will allow us some reckless behavior.

The cave floor had been explored many times with holes still opened, but there were other possibilities, like carved recesses into the walls. Taking a long thin knife Alandrax poked the surface of the entire inner wall. If there had been a recess, it would be softer than the surrounding area. It was a large enough cave to move around in and went about ten feet inwards. We didn’t really expect to find anything, but we had discovered a relationship with each other, which included a lot of faith in each other for the rock repelling. I couldn’t help thinking about our daily relationship with God. Each repelling step downward, holding onto the rope was similar to every moment of every day of our faith in God. The journey of faith down the rope was the enrichment and fulfillment. What would we find at the end? Without the trip of faith we would never experience the end result, eternity with God.

With our next set of ropes, which we carried on our shoulders down to the cave, we threw them down towards the lower trail and repelled the remainder of the distance. Then walked to the road and drove back up to the top to retrieve the ropes. It was something to do on a Saturday afternoon.


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