We reached the base of the canyon wall on this moonlit night. She turned to me and kissed me with her soft but firm lips, which set the mood for the tenuous climb up the volcanic ash. There were hundreds of caves below the thick overhanging edge. I hoped we would end up in one of them. She led the way because she had been here many times before. As she bent forward, climbing with both hands and feet, her buttocks pushed outward. Her tight shorts revealed her slit darkened by the shadows from the moon. I wanted to caress the roundness of her form, but resisted. Up we went, the roughness of the ash made the climb easy with our hiking boots. Near the top there were foot holes from ancient times. As seen in earlier posts we took pictures of each other naked entering and exiting by the kiva ladder. Blue moonlight is very seductive on a slender and sensuous naked woman. I will always remember the subtle gradations of light on her full and soft breasts, sunken abdomen and long muscular legs. Climbing and hiking had firmed her body. We found a large cave, but decided to stay outside in the erotic moonlight, on the porch, as the ancients probably thought, although they didn’t have that word. We laid down our clothes on the rough surface to recline on and peered out at the dark canyon below. She kept looking at my penis to see if she had aroused me sufficiently. No wonder the ancients were so involved with the moon orientation with their kivas and front entrances…and front porches.


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