Alandrax visited her friend who lived near the Old Town Church in Albuquerque. Alandrax invited me to attend the night mass with her and her friend, Gloria. The friend’s brother was very anti-church and wouldn’t set foot in any of them, saying no one had ever helped or sacrificed for him. Alandrax, who lived in a rural art community, preceding post, was accustomed to helping the other artists from spiritual to sexual needs. When she heard that the brother felt shunned and neglected offered to have sex with him if he would come to Church that night. Everyone was surprised at her offer, but then looked at Arturo, the brother, for his response. He was suddenly quiet as he glanced at Alandrax to see if it was a joke or what. Before he could think how to answer Alandrax, she began pulling her blouse off over her head. Her silver cross was caught in the neck embroidery, but fell down between her breasts as the blouse was removed. Arturo was stunned as he watched the cross swing back and forth between Alandrax’s medium sized breasts and erect nipples. His mouth opened as he was trying to decide what to do. Alandrax next pushed down her skirt removing her shoes. She then said, “will you come to Church?” Arturo then gave an expression of disbelief; so Alandrax pushed down her panties and off her feet. She stood there naked in front of everyone. She then took Arturo’s hand and brought him into her friends bedroom and closed the door. She got down in front of Arturo and unzipped his jeans, unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and shoes off his feet. She then pulled down his underwear and his erect penis popped out. She took hold of his small and short penis and testicles and caressed them while putting the penis in her mouth. Then she bent over the corner of the bed waiting for his rear entry. Arturo looked at the beautiful young woman offering herself and then saw the statue of the naked Christ above the bed. He thought, “this woman is sacrificing herself for me as CHRIST did to save humanity.” Arturo reached down and took Alandrax’s hand and lifted her upwards from the floor. “I will go to Church with you,” he said. Alandrax reached down and held Arturo’s penis and balls saying, “are you sure, you can have me if you want me, now or later, the offer is real.” Arturo leaned down and kissed Alandrax softly on the cheek, “maybe another time,” and then put his clothes back on while looking at Alandrax, “you are very beautiful.”


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