Many artists are forced to live in old houses in rural areas for economic reasons, but then they do enjoy relative freedom of behavior. I’ve seen frequently while speeding down a highway people standing in their doorways or out in the field completely naked. Once I was in the major art shows in New Mexico, I met many of the rural artists. Many had lost their social skills and were quiet and distrusting. I was invited on a few occasions to visit the studios of these rural artists, which was simply their one room combination of living, kitchen and bathroom, with easels, work tables and paintings scattered about. These people were poor, but many well educated at universities. They enjoyed their beautiful rural environment and the freedom of the woods and open fields. Some were deeply religious, which was expressed through stained glass windows, which they created and made, prayer tables, statues and crosses over the beds and in the windows. They were earthy people and sexed in animal positions.

As I said, they weren’t much for conversations, being alone they just did what they wanted to do instead of talking about it. As soon as I stepped into Margarita’s one room home, she took off her cotton top and put her arms around my neck. She was happy to have a quest. I was in my early twenties; so I responded according to my youth and hormone level. She pulled me to her bed of diverse colored and patterned sheets, and pulled me down onto the sunlit old bed, where she urgently took my clothes off and hers. What turned me on more than her sensuous naked body were the beautiful paintings above the bed on the walls. “Sex with a talented woman was more exciting than just a naked woman.” I didn’t know that until that moment. Also, the religious items, crosses, statues and pictures increased my arousal, she valued her soul, but her Catholic influence also added some content about crucifixion. She wanted to be tied the four posts of the bed in a crucified position. It tied into my childhood abuse experiences; so we dovetailed perfectly. She was concerned about acting out the crucifixion as a woman, without a penis and testicles. After enacting her fantasies, she wanted to put me in the vulnerable crucified role, with penis and testicles, but wanted to do it outdoors, where there was a large wooden cross. I quickly realized she wasn’t into the actual sex act, but rather naked sensuality, humiliation and embarrassment which she learned about in Church and her childhood home; so we never had sex, but rather sexual environments.


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