When I first heard of the backroad beauty, I assumed it was in relationship to the red brown horse near Rosita’s adobe home. She was allowed to graze him in a small area between two fences marked by the cross. Her home was on the opposite side of the dirt road, which was how I found it since there were no addresses, not even a mailbox. It had rained the day before leaving slippery clay mud puddles. I just drove off the road into the grasses and parked and went to her front door. It seemed strange to find a woman artist out here, but when she opened the door the smell of oil paint and turpentine filled the air, I felt at home. Rosita was Spanish with long straight black hair to her waist and was wearing a white cropped shirt tied together in the front exposing her sensuous abdomen, partially shredded denim shorts, both of which had oil paint spatters and streaks. Her long legs were muscled like someone exercising regularly, probably from running the dirt roads. She first had a serious expression on her face, but it quickly changed to a big smile and welcomed me into her one room studio/home. “So you’re going to be my model.” The first paintings I saw were of the red horse and a naked woman bareback rider. She laughed and said, “yes, I’m the backroad beauty, as the men around here call me.”

As I quickly glanced around the room I saw many Bibles, crosses and statues of the saints, but in the middle of the room, on a pedestal table, was a large opened Bible to drawings and paintings of the whippings and crucifixions by famous artists of the past. One painting was by Constable in 1820, “picture below.” She walked over to me and said, “there are many paintings like this and all show the men with a small penis and testicles. I suppose it’s to minimize the sexual aspect, but it would seem incongruent to show a muscled man with a large thick long penis being dominated, humiliated, whipped and crucified, and sometimes raped and castrated. She looked steadily at my eyes to see my expression and reaction. (It reminded me of when my Mother showed me her drawings of naked men and women and watched my reactions when I was a teenager.) “I heard that you posed for this type of painting in the past and I was wondering if you would pose for me.

This story will be continued on my other web site, for those interested.



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