MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

My study of architecture led to an awareness of the New Mexico Churches. After selling hundreds of them, from every angle, over a few years I became more intimate with their meaning, and fell in love with the old adobe buildings. My understanding went from structure to the spiritual. My Dad, who was an altar boy with his brother when he was young, would go into the Churches and walk to the altar where he probably had memories of being with the priests during the services. He made me aware of the inner beauty, the lit candles, stations of the Cross, statues and the fragrance of holiness. Years later I brought women artists to the Churches and they would pose for me at the altar or next to the warm adobe exteriors. I made a few paintings of naked women merging with the adobe earthen buildings, trying at that time to bring together the spiritual and physical sexual, but never exhibited those works of art. Today, I revel in the natural beauty of the old Churches, almost like being with a beautiful woman. I get close to them, feel their warmth, see the old weathered wooden crosses against the blue sky and thank God for bringing me to New Mexico from Michigan as a child. I doubt if I would feel this way about any other structural type of Church, stone or wood. The clay buildings erode as anything earthen and needs re-plastering with the clay soil every few years, making them almost living in nature., although stucco is used more now, with some destructive disadvantages, the adobe earth can’t breathe.

The few relationships I’ve had with women artists living within the small villages with adobe Churches are very special. They have grown up attending the services, weddings, funerals and on Sunday and are also in love with them. They have an intimate relationship with God through those daily prayer times, which are limited now because the Church doors are locked caused by thefts and vandalism. These woman artists also feel the earthy quality of the adobe combined with their crosses and saints and interweave their spiritual life with their sexual lives. It is a unique enriching experience to be making love with a naked woman holding her cross around her neck as she screams aloud feeling the combining of spiritual and sexual ecstasy, made only possible by the love of these New Mexico Churches.


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