MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

My unique friend Maria and I have noticed the same thing, the creative, loving and caring Christians are being squeezed out of the Church. When we were both younger there seemed to be many true Christians in the Church, but as money, status and power became more important inside and outside the Church, the Christians felt the direction of the Church changing. As one Catholic nun told me on this web site, Christ would not recognize the gospel being preached in the Church or the people’s behavior, and even she did an incredibly unloving action later.

Maria, so far, has been a truly loving and understanding person. She looks at the person and their needs and sacrifices herself to help them, unlike most Church people these days look at your level of wealth, status and power before they even look at you. Maria’s type of Christian is what has held the society of people within the Church and outside, together. (She ministers to the needs of others,) if she can. Most worldly people who try to do good are doing it for the wrong reasons, usually to appear good to others and to make themselves feel good, wear out quickly and become hardened and bitter, because they don’t get the rewards they think they deserve. I’ve watched Maria so many times helping other people with inner peace and calm. What is so unusual is that she works with all the aspects of life, which has been one of my inspirarations on this website, seeing that it is actually possible. She begins with the initial spiritual nurturance, which stimulates her own behavior and let’s it flow out to other people. (It seems all these other people just take her for granted though.) The spiritual stimulates her emotions, intellect, social and physical and sexual. She works with her beauty and sexuality to nurture men and women, unlike most people use it for personal gain.

It is this complete range of love, from spiritual to sexual that bothers other people in the Church; so she has been squeezed out of the Church as I have. We were also both supportive of the creative arts within the Church. We both actually tried teaching the principles of art in classes through instruction and drawing, but didn’t last long. Any way, I have seen more Christians outside the Church now than inside, they have been squeezed out of the Church and into the world where they are more appreciated. Maria deals with reality, which means dealing with the effects of sin within the world. The Churches today want to judge people, which the Bible warns against. Maria tries to show love and caring to the sin affected people, which is everyone. She is continuously tring to help me with my childhood emotional and sexual abuse effects, knowing the effects of childhood abuse last a lifetime. She would sacrifice for me in anyway I needed her, a true creative Christian.


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