What can different personality types discover from art? Most people have no understanding of personality types when they’re young and because of that can get entangled in difficult life situations, probable the best argument for living together first before getting married, although moral questions arise. One of the most complex types is the obsessive compulsive. This type can focus intently on a body of knowledge and become an expert, but are seldom that aware of anything or anyone around them and frequently are labelled selfish and self-centered. Their world is tightly spun around themselves. Art can be a way to expand their awareness, being forced to see the naked model in front of them. It is important to find something or someone powerful enough to draw the obsessive compulsive person outside themselves, thus the naked woman. Of course, the woman drawing the other woman may suck her into her personal orb, which is what happened in this situation and an intense complex relationship was initiated, including the sexual, but the obsessive compulsive personality quickly returned to a selfish need to have the other woman only satisfy her sexual desires. Art can be a way to discover personality characteristics.


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