The people of Chaco Canyon traded with travelers from the eastern directions for turquoise. The blue green stone was precious and was incorporated into their tools and religious items. Lisa Luna had been searching, along with hundreds of others for the burial chambers at Chaco. She finally stole from Julietta this similar carved wooden plaque. She thought it was simply a treasured work of art, but in reality it was the map she was looking for. The wooden shapes outline a section of the Chaco Arroyo where the burial chamber was carved out of the sandstone cliff. A few hundred years had passed since this polished wooden lid was created; so the arroyo had probably changed shapes many times, yet it was a beginning. She began an elaborate study of the Chaco arroyos from the oldest naps she could find plus flying over the area taking recon photos. The first person to find the chambers would go down in history and probably have their name attached to the site. She didn’t respect the dreams which Julietta had under the influence of the weed found at Chaco, who knew the location. (This is only a part of the story I was writing a few years ago when it was blocked from being finished and published by some influential people.)

Lisa had a spiritual experience, which changed and confused her life. She was a thoroughly worldly and materialistic person, but now saw the spiritual realm. Her first inclination was to try and “use” it to find the Chaco burial grounds, but then felt a sensation like a lightning strike from her head, through her heart to her lower regions. It was a creative charge to bring together the different aspects of life from the spiritual to the sexual, which was more stimulating than searching for buried physical treasures, she was now searching for creative spiritual treasures. She felt the spirit penetrating her vagina, pushing deep within her, but felt the same within her thoughts and emotions. Her last worldly thought was that she was getting penetrated by God and becoming Holy, with a new direction in her life. She had heard me talk about my experiences and the experiences that Maria had received, which changed her life course. I had a continued relationship with Lisa for a few months, but then she began her spiritual journey and I haven’t seen her since. I’ve come to realize that this spiritual to sexual unification of life is cosmic in nature, unfortunately the human energy capacity isn’t great enough to fulfill it’s requirements, thus I can only nibble on the edges of this great spiritual revelation, which the Chaco people had grasped before abandoning their magnificent site. There is something special about the beautiful blue green turquoise stone, that combines the colors of sky and earth, the spiritual and sexual, Father Spirit and Mother Earth as the native people’s expressed it.

Just as this post meanders around the subject; so have I and the women artists I had various types of relationships with meandered around the spiritual sexual through the arts, never able to totally grasp the combination of knowledge and experience; so we played with it, with each other, the erotic spiritual within all of us. Lisa always wore a silver and turquoise snake bracket on her upper left arm, probably a subconscious expression of the spiritual power of turquoise. I debated for a few days whether to publish this writing, because it was so hard to organize this expansive body of knowledge from ancient people to the spiritual and sexual. Oh well, I need to get this out of the way so I can move on in my creative process; so here it is, a nebulous scattered rambling about creative spiritual treasures, which seems to be represented by turquoise. Everything created by God has a purpose and meaning. Tourists buy up turquoise jewelry here in New Mexico as fast as it’s created and some of it is fake, but still has an innate beauty.


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