MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

There are very few charming things left in life, but the small quiet adobe villages are here, although I did need to mask out an unbelievable number of electric and telephone wires crisscrossing the sky over the buildings. The few town dogs are still loose and bark at the tourist cars while the cats are more cautious as they rub their way around the corners of the homes seductivly. The people, of course, walk to Church with it being so small, only a few dirt side streets. There is an arroyo nearby, which waters cottonwood trees and shrubs. Piñon and juniper wood is used in the fireplaces and wood stoves, which fills the air with a sweet aroma. It’s a long ride to this village, about sixty miles from Albuquerque, before you can enjoy the simple aesthetic ambience.


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