MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

There is the usual way of viewing buildings and the landscape and then there is the way affected by your inner thoughts and emotions. This Church, which has it’s front entrance below ground level, affects your emotions and you feel it bending. I had to take this picture quickly because of photography rules, which also affected me. Then we were invited into one of the homes in the pueblo with people standing along the interior walls with blankets on which cast dark shadows over their faces. They didn’t move. There was a large wooden cross on the dirt floor in the middle of the room. A woman’s voice from another room said, “your camera or lay naked on the cross.” Because of my past history I decided to save my camera and began taking off my clothes. When I was on the cross with hands and feet tied securely, the people began pouring water from jugs onto me. “We are washing your sins away,” she said from the back room.


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