MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

What accentuates the sensuality of an old adobe ruin better than Alandrax within the shadows naked? She also gives scale to the window. We roamed out on the plains looking for old mining towns and ruins where only the wind and spirits led us. After checking for snakes and other creatures, it is time for sensuous art out in the middle of nowhere. Alandrax was always a free spirit and shed her clothes in the jeep and said take a picture of me in the shadows. With a little mood altering manipulation of the picture, she appears as a modern art nude, similar to a Picasso. Of course, after the picture taking the mood changes and Alandrax steps out of the shadows naked and stares at me. With our combined history of childhood sexual abuse, anything is possible, but she always reminding me of the spiritual by fiddling with the cross around her neck. Then to tease me she stretches out her arms in front of the darkened window in a crucified position. It is one of the most sensuous poses for women, causing all the ribs to be pronounced, abdomen sunken inward and stomach rounded and soft leading down between her thighs. ShE knew my favorite sexual position and turned around and bent over grabbing the bottom of the window sill, but we both enjoyed the tease most of all; so one position led to another and then she ran across the grassy field to another eroding adobe building, fun in the sun.


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