MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Three white robed figures walked along the stream in the winter. The leaves had fallen, snow was on the mountain peak and a cold wind blew. They were women artists of the pueblo, one combined water from the stream with the earth and made pottery, one carved the wood of the trees and the third painted pictures. When they exhibited their artwork together, the pottery “could hold” water and food, the wooden sculpture gave pleasure through “touching” the sensuousness of shape and texture and the paintings stimulated the imagination through “different realities.” They represented through their art and crafts the basic aspects of life from the creative earthly practical to the creative arts to the creative eternal spiritual. The people of the pueblo all needed the pottery, some enjoyed the sculptures, but only a few valued or saw the potential worth of the eternal spiritual. The three white robed women artists walked along the stream in the winter, the end of the seasons, one fell and dissolved into the earth, the second turned into a beautiful sensuous tree and the third rose up into heaven.


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