MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Alandrax invited me to go with her back to her childhood home in the forest as a way of explaining her past. As soon as I saw it, she didn’t need to say any more words. It was of course now, dark and lifeless, but she wanted me to go inside. When we went in I knew I would never or could never tell anyone else what I saw. No one talked about this type of thing at the time, but just living here was extreme child abuse. I hugged Alandrax as I looked around the main room. I understood all her behavior and paintings now and was surprised she hadn’t experienced worse reactions. I wondered why I was led to be involved with all these artists with abuse in their childhood. Alandrax pulled away from our embrace and took hold of the cross around her neck and held it in front of her as she went into each room, I stayed where I was, near the front door. I really didn’t want to have much of this in my memory. She came out of what was her bedroom holding her little Bible from childhood, but she was naked. I was stunned. A strange light came through a hole in the roof and cast a strip of illumination across her face, breasts, abdomen, cross and Bible. She bent over the nearby table and jerked back and forth as if someone was penetrating her from the rear, but I could see no one. She screamed , but it was a scream of passion. It lasted for about twenty minutes and then she collapsed onto the old wooden floor exhausted. I went to her to help her up, but she said, “this was a good one…since you were watching.” I didn’t understand. Finally, after a while longer she stood up, put her arms around my neck and kissed me with her soft moist lips. She said, “I come here about once a month to re-enact the sexual abuse from my Father and Uncles. I was the only woman around when I was young, and no one thought of it as abuse at that time, but it has permanently affected me. I had stepped into someone else’s childhood memories and was glad when we stepped out of the edge of the dark forest and into the bright sunlight. Then she wanted to know about my memories, since she had shared hers. I peered back to see the window in the dark forest.


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