MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

God sent Moses out into the desert for many years to be purified, to develop his relationship with God. Moses was alone, which brought him closer to God. Many of the artists I’ve met including myself have been forced to discover the source of creativity, God, out here in the desert. The women artists and I have been naked together on hikes and in our humble studios. Sexuality existed, but simply discovering ourselves, beauty, nature and God was primary. Occasionally we would find ourselves in each other’s arms looking out at the unending desert of existence, unsure, scared and bewildered by life, but then one of us would remember God and his promises to be with us always. I would draw and caress the woman’s beauty, face, hair, shoulders, breasts, abdomen and inner thighs. She would hold my penis and testicles until erect and then caress them until satisfied. We would collapse as all lovers do after love’s excitement and then walk back out of the desert at sunset.


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