MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

This hotel was renowed for sex. Famous people traveling through stayed here. It has now been restored and is once again the only hotel within sixty miles. People walk in and walk out as if they only slept. The old Church is across the street where people walk in and walk out and claim they only slept. Both were partially true, but most people don’t like to admit they had sex or have a relationship with God, too embarrassing. For some reason artists admit both. As I saw on a sweat shirt, “artists do it better, sex and God.” Probably because artists see naked people in drawing classes from an early age and pray to God because they have such a tenuous life in the arts, barely surviving. Some artists have sex with their models, mainly because only their girlfriends will model for them. I have seen many women artists pray to God and then work on their artwork naked, finding it creatively stimulating. Some of the best known writers and artists wrote about sex and painted naked women, and many people bought their work, yet most people are so uptight about sex and God, until the artists and writers become famous.


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