MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Salvia lived within sensuous surroundings. The rural abobe home with cosmos and chamisa fall flowers affected everyone who visited her home and studio. She wore long white cotton dresses to her feet and no shoes. You could see through the thin material to her graceful slender figure with no undergarments as she welcomed you into her small home. The interior exhibited her paintings of the New Mexico landscape and crosses and saints hanging on the walls or within niches. Candles added an incense fragrance to the air. She had long blondish hair to her waist. “Come in and be comfortable,” she would say as she went to fetch some cider made from her own apple trees. Leading me to her studio she asked, “how would you like me to pose today,” as I put down my drink and stepped behind the easel, drawings that were never completed, but we’re just to allow her to reveal her beauty as she let the dress fall to her feet. She created a sensuous home to surround her sensuous spirit.


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