MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Artists are probably the only people willing to combine the most powerful aspects of life, spiritual and sexual. They are the ones searching for new edges to walk and express, but most people are not that spiritually attuned; so it is up to only the few to bring those areas together. As I’ve written about, there are a few women artists who feel the unity of creative penetrations. They seek to be penetrated by the spirit while also being penetrated physically, the ultimate experience. Yes, they live in rural areas because it’s too threatening to live in the cities, but the extremes must exist for the middle to exist, a creative principle. If the extremes narrow; so does the middle narrow, until self-expression collapses, which is happening today and everyone must be the same by thinking the same and behaving the same, mainly by being consumers, not creative souls. Alandrax wound sit or stand out on her porch next to her painted cross, when her friends arrived. She talked about the spiritual relationship with God as her body talked about sensual sexuality, all combined through art. Yes, she was courages.


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