MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

We sat under the large old cottonwood tree in the tall grass watching the grainery wheel go around and around. The distant mountain supplied the water in the stream that was directed through a trough that filled each wooden container pushing the wheel down and around. It was a warm early fall afternoon as we lounged on the soft bed of fallen leaves. The gentle breeze moved the branches above us back and forth. She then laid back onto the yellow and orange leaves. As I gazed toward the purple mountains, she began unbuttoning her white laced blouse. Her little cross, around her neck, sat at a slight angle between her soft rounded breasts. She took ahold of the chain and slowly pulled it over her left nipple causing an immediate erection. I bent over and kissed it, feeling it becoming even harder. I went around and around her nipple with my toungue as she moaned for more, moving me to her right side. The breeze flowed over her moist sensitive nipples as she pushed down her dress and panties at the same time revealing herself to me. I once again looked at the flow of water, of life, turning the wheel around and around.


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