MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

I’ve taken many sketching hikes with Emily around the foothills where she lives. You also get exercise climbing up and around the granite boulders. My artist Mother first started with pastels, in the summer months, drawing these old homes and rocky landscapes. I later used watercolors. There is subtle beauty in the winter when a dusting of snow adds contrast. It was cold on this hike, which ended with hot chocolate to warm our insides as well as our hands around the earthen mug. After warming up we posed for each other to make the artist experience complete. Her legs were muscular from climbing around the outdoor obstacle course daily. Her chest and breasts were still reddish from the exertion, nipples very erect and hard, her abdomen was firm as she sunk into a comfy chair of colorful quilts and blankets. Next to the chair was her big Bible which included paintings and drawings by the old Masters of religious scenes. They weren’t inhibited back in those days about human nakedness showing males and females, which Emily enjoyed looking at frequently from childhood age. The Bible pictures is where she learned about sexual differences and from the animals they had now and then. The rural life offers great exercise outside your front door, fresh air and subtle beauty everywhere.


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