MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Finally, they just left the window panes out, after the strong canyon winds had blown them out over and over. Now the adobe house was abandoned, except for the occasional ceramonies worshiping the forces of nature. Someone would watch the weather fronts as they approached New Mexico and when one came from the north they knew there would be violent winds. One section of interstate had to be reconstructed because of the canyon winds, cars were being forced off the road. The Tijeras Canyon narrows the north winds, which increases the turbulent currents. The house is in the worst position. People came to the ceramony to feel the force of the wind, similar to watching the eclipse of the moon or sun. They would be tied outside to posts naked and be battered by the forces of nature. The special chosen people would be indoors by the windows. Spiritual associations were connected and when the wind was at it’s strongest, people had visions of angels and demons coming towards and surrounding them with personal messages. (People seek all sorts of ways to find spiritual answers, except through a relationship with God.) I visited this solidly built adobe house a few times and felt the spiritual presence, something about the dark empty windows and the sounds of the wind hollowing through.


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