MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Ordinarily, hiking through the snow on a moonlit night, back to a roaring fire and hot drinks, can lead to erotic feelings and discussions, but when you’re both artists, sensuality and sexuality becomes an art. Then add the spiritual, and seduction takes on the ultimate level of emotional, intellectual and physical penetration. Moon light is a natural stimulator by being dim and creating colored shadows. We were trudging through some deep drifts when Emily, such an innocent sounding name, said she had looked at some art work from the religious Middle Ages and there were a few things she would like to try. Then it all made sense, the various things hanging on her walls weren’t just collectors items. Then she said, “have you ever played Truth or Dare, the artistic spiritual version? As we approached the adobe house I began to feel excitement and a touch of fear. Emily was creating a unique moonlit mood.


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