GROWTH ————–

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

When I’m in someone else’s studio, I often wonder about the artwork on their walls. Does it say something about them or was it simply a gift. I asked Alandrax about this one and she just said, unemotionally, it was a growth that killed one of her cats, but it was also a growth in the garden that fed a lot of her neighbors. It was also spiritual growth that brought her closer to God, but an evil growth of depression that caused a close artist friend to take his own life. Growths of fear cause people to turn away from other people; so she decided to embrace the growth of love, caring and concern, which appears on the surface as loose morality, but she would rather show love for people than allow the growth of distrust, hatred and discrimination. She said, “it goes on and on, the different types of growth.” She turned to me with the cross shining on the chain around her neck between her soft full breasts, and handed me a cup of hot chocolate.


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